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China Anping Hanke Filtration Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Anping Hanke Filtration Technology Co., Ltd certification
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1. The status of production process quality control in product quality control.Since the 1990s, the theory of quality control has undergone great changes. Modern quality engineering technology divides quality control into several stages, and the quality control in the stage of product development and design is called quality design.The manufacturing process needs to be monitored. This stage is called quality control stage.Quality control by sampling inspection is the traditional quality control, which is called post-quality control.In the above stages, the most important is quality design, followed by quality control and then post-quality control.For those low quality production processes, post-inspection is indispensable, but quality control should be the source of treatment, prevention as early as possible.Ex post facto control should be phased out.In fact, some rich-world firms have done away with post-mortem testing.To sum up, process monitoring is a key source of quality control for product quality.

2. To ensure the quality of products, we must strengthen the quality control of the production process.Quality control is the techniques and activities adopted to meet quality requirements.Its purpose is to ensure product quality by monitoring the process and eliminating factors that lead to dissatisfaction at all stages of the quality cycle.The quality of both components and final products can be described by the fluctuation of quality characteristics around the design target value.If the fluctuation is smaller, the quality level is higher.When each quality characteristic value reaches the design target value, that is, the fluctuation is zero, then the quality of the product reaches the highest level.But that is never going to happen.Therefore, we must carry out quality control in the production process to minimize the fluctuation.Most successful enterprises in the world are inseparable from strict production process quality control. Boeing's D1-9000 quality document and Japan's SPC control chart technology are all documents related to production process control technology.Ford Motor Company of the United States has a very strict quality standard system which is suitable for its own reality. This quality standard system basically operates according to QS 9000(including ISO 9000) quality operation procedure.These system documents cover the comprehensive and whole process of quality management, covering the formation process of the whole product, and specify the work to be completed in each process and how to record various quality data in detail.This not only guarantees the product quality but also provides a lot of technical materials for the future quality improvement.Ford not only establish the quality standard, but also seriously organize the implementation and strict enforcement of these regulations, in order to ensure the quality of and evaluation standard of execution, ford to twice a year internal quality audits, and aiming at the problem of audit check out timely formulate corrective measures, the rectification within a time limit, and strictly follow the inspection and control.The need to strengthen process control

I. Insufficient attention to the development of new customers.Since the customer's order volume is relatively large and has development value, for the preliminary trial order products, the corresponding order review work should be done to determine the production process route and requirements.

Ii. The first inspection and sampling inspection of the products are not strictly implemented as required by the documents.The purpose of the first inspection is to prevent the occurrence of defects by confirming the first piece of the product and putting it into mass production without any quality abnormality.Sampling inspection is to determine the stability of the process, further grasp the product quality dynamics through sampling inspection, and according to its fluctuations in the production process to make appropriate adjustments, and ultimately ensure the quality of the product.

Iii. Unreasonable process quality control.For the production of product quality control by the production department, easy to lose control of quality, and do not do a good job of the corresponding supervision, inspection work.

Fourth, do not pay attention to the occurrence of quality problems.In the case of product quality problems, not only did not timely carry out the cause analysis, but also did not take any control measures in the subsequent processing process. The production was still in accordance with the habit, which led to the occurrence of the second quality accident.

5. Artificial working habits and experience shall not be used as the standard and basis for production operation.If only rely on the habit and experience to do things, can not go out of the habit and experience of the people, the quality of their products will not be effectively guaranteed.

  • China Anping Hanke Filtration Technology Co., Ltd certification

    Standard:Quality management system certification


    Issue Date:2014-01-27

    Expiry Date:2017-01-26

    Scope/Range:Metal filter element, filter screen, wire mesh manufacturing and services

    Issued By:Beijing Union Zhiye Certification Co. LTD

  • China Anping Hanke Filtration Technology Co., Ltd certification

    Standard:business license


    Issue Date:2011-12-02

    Expiry Date:2031-12-02

    Scope/Range:Business Scope

    Issued By:Anping County Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval

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